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Patrisse Chan

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I am a first year Bachelor of International Economics and Master of Management Dual Degree Program student at the University of British Columbia. My penchant for economics is driven by the notion that economics is not only a branch of knowledge, but is also a foundational tool intrinsically intertwined with innovation, sustainability, and empowerment. The conceptual and analytic nature of the field challenges me to apply my understanding of economics to public policy, corporate decisions and virtually any local or global affairs, and to then consider its alignment with social responsibility and ethics. As a lifelong learner, I seek to contribute my time and effort in the consulting and startup realms. 



I am entering my 2nd year of the Bachelor of Economics (BIE) program at UBC. My passion for politics and a province that supports free enterprise values peaked my interest in studying economics and pursuing a career in the finance industry. Upon graduation, I want to use my Economics background to enter the private sector so that I can help play a key role in maintaining the workings of the Canadian economy. With a broader understanding of economics, I hope to gain a wealth of knowledge to be able to help influence Canada's economy and public policy with my expertise and experience.



I am a first year BIE student in UBC, and the treasurer of the IEBA club. I do not know much about economics, but always have thought of it as a fascinating subject. I hope to expand my knowledge and interest in economics further through my studies in BIE and activities in IEBA!



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As a first year student pursuing an International Economics Bachelor's Degree at the University of British Columbia, Crystal plans to use her degree as a stepping stone towards the field of law. As law does not require a specific prerequisite degree, Crystal chose to study Economics because she believes that it is a course that has close ties to litigation. In particular, she believes that Economics can hone her ability to predict the outcomes of actions through perceived patterns and how to solve problems by applying theoretical concepts to real-life situations.


I am a first-year Arts student currently enrolled in Sauder School's Bachelor and Masters of Management program at UBC who spends her free time scoping for opportunities to design or fawn over creative projects on Behance. I am fueled by the reaction my creative work evokes and I intend on becoming a professional Creative Director on an international level. While graphic design has always been a passion of mine, I am also pursuing my studies in foreign languages and intend on majoring in International Relations in the future, if not in Theatre Design and Production. In joining IEBA, I believe that this club will provide me with incredible opportunities to better understand the field of economics and further develop a more rounded character for myself.


I'm Andrew and I am currently in my 1st year of the Bachelor of International Economics (BIE) program at UBC. My passion in the field of economics originates from my curiosity in understanding how human interactions have led to the establishment of an interdependent financial system. I am interested in apprehending how the forces of economic psychology have influenced the commercial activities of today's society. With this mind, I am eyeing towards any career in the business or government sector. Other than my academic interests, I am a strong believer in social change and community action. In my free time, I love to dedicate myself to the community and lend others a hand. Community leadership is an important virtue that I have valued ever since I got involved.


Fares Assad Miznazi

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Being an aspiring leader of tomorrow’s society, I personally have taken the initiative to enhance self-sustainability to ensure economic growth. I partake in several community service projects in order to warrant better quality of life amongst low income earners, especially from where I lived in Kenya where most of the population is suffering. I use my skills and experience gained from both my educational background and my professional background to chip in solutions to world problems in order to move forward in a positive direction. That is why I know that pursuing further education at University of British Columbia will equip me with the qualifications to aid in the re-development of my home country Syria. I am optimistic that the situation will stabilize, hence allowing me to establish my own company within Canada, Kenya and Syria.



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I am a second year student in the Bachelor of International Economics program at UBC. Economics grasped my interest a few years ago mainly because it is a field of study that is important to everyone and is directly applicable to ongoing events in our day to day lives. Economics is fascinating in the way that it can act as a common connection among countries, as economic events that occur in one part of the world can affect those in a different part of the world. After graduation I plan to pursue a career in consulting that will allow me to travel, fulfilling my interest in learning about cultures around the world.



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I am a 2nd year student enrolled in the Bachelor of Economics (BIE) program at UBC. My fascination with economics stems from a belief that Economics is a way to translate the world, to redefine it, and to solve some of the local and global issues. I am interested in its rigorous mathematical methodology as much as I appreciate the simplicity and applicability of the conclusions that it reaches. Upon graduation, I am seeking to use my Economics background to enter the consulting world, and ultimately, I wish to pursue graduate Economics studies and understand how economics is used in public policy.



My name is Annie, and I am currently a freshman studying in the Bachelor of International Economics Program at UBC. I am strongly interested in economics and education reforms. My volunteer positions as Operation Director of IEBA and Youth Ambassador of Education for Development allow me to explore further my passion in both fields. I am also interested in doing research on the labor force, and one of my research project in high school won the First Prize for the national competition for Social Sciences at the INTEL International Science and Engineering Fair. I am always open to any conversation or discussion regarding economics or education, and am looking forward to meeting and talking with all IEBA members. 


Ashintya singh

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I am currently a first-year Bachelor of International Economics student at the University of British Columbia. My passion and love for economics stem from the fact that it has such vast and useful applications in almost all the sectors of an economy. Besides economics, I am also interested in International Relations and Politics and I hope to pursue a minor in either one of the two. After graduation, I hope to use my skills and knowledge and work in either the World Bank or the IMF.